Clash of Lights MOD APK v9.256 COC Private Server


Clash of Lights MOD APK is a clash of clans private server game for android device

Download Clash of Lights APK + MOD (Unlimited gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir) latest version from

The Clash of Lights is a COC mod game created by TombyCOL (Sorry if wrong) that has some fun features that you can play. one of the mainstay features is that everything is already unlimited all 1,000,000,000 such as Gems, Elixir, Gold, and Drag elixir. Yes, the value is the same as fhx, so you can use gems to speed up your village development from th 1 to th 11. Well that distinguishes Clash of Lights game fhx is the same stuff in store can we buy as much as possible, for example we can take archer queen not only 1 but can 10 archer queen even more.

Hack Clash of Lights MOD APK COC Private Server

So also with the defense we can take wall, mortal, archer tower as much as possible until our village area full wkwk. although for defense there is nothing new like fhx there are so many heroes even goblin hero is in fhx if in Clash of Lights no sob. It’s in terms of defense, well how in terms of troops? For the Clash of Lights we are given 1000 troops when attacking even though we do not make a clap in the Barracks automatically when the attack is available 1000 troops complete ranging from barcer, sensitive, dragon, golem etc.

So I we are not no base that can not be flat if in attack as many troops that wkwk. For Clash of Lights server itself is still somewhat small, now there are 2 servers that are on and admin admitted Clash of Lights server is still better in fhx. We can play Clash of Lights game in the absence of lost the usual connection caused by full server, and for the global chat is quite crowded this Clan of Lights game is playing a lot of that play. oh yes admin forgot to say that Clash of Lights is different server with supercall yes, so my friend can not find friends, your clan here. Okay deh who want to try the game coc mod 2018 can directly download Clash of Lights Latest below.

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Release Detail :
Name : Clash of Lights APK COC MOD v9.256 Update
Category : Private Server
Current version : 9.256 (4.1)
Size : 85 Mb

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