Final Fortress Idle Survival v2.74 MOD APK


Final Fortress Idle Survival APK + MOD is a simulation android game

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Final Fortress mod apk is an android simulation games published by Alleylabs. You, the musician, are building a safe house for survivors. In this competition you basically have a house that you are updating either by lending rooms or upgrading said rooms, to gather gasoline. Gasoline is the in competition currency use to upgrade your facilities, how it’s used I don’t know. Anyway back to the game, this is an idler competition, basically you can leave the game to gather gas, for “youve got to” harvest later on.

What induces this competition different from those other idler competitions is that you use the upgraded rooms along with items you get from chests to fight off the zombie hordes in a mini competition to get more chests.

Final Fortress Idle Survival v2.74 MOD APK

The mini competition gives your “fortress” to the left of the screen with the zombies running in from the right. Depending on what you have equipped on each storey, they will attack the zombies. For instance if you equipped a can or say a potted plant, they will be shed from the respective storey onto the incoming zombies. Now the game doesn’t just let you watch, because there are knowledge to use, and they are made available depending on what skills you equipped before starting the mini competition. Now like any other idler competition there is a standing method which lets you start over but with a bonus depending on how you did the previous time. Download now Final Fortress Idle Survival apk modded latest version with hacked mod for free on

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 Final Fortress - Idle Survival- screenshot

 Final Fortress - Idle Survival- screenshot
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MOD Features
1. Unlimited Gas
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Infinite spins

Install steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

Download Final Fortress Idle Survival MOD APK v2.74 | 53 Mb

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